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Karson Enns
2 min readNov 25, 2020

With remote being the norm this year, I’ve started using Notion, a tool that provides a workspace allowing me to create documents to create and organize me and my team. Through that I’ve discovered a large community of people that teach Notion best practices, and are actually using the Notion platform to host their content.

Notion allows you to publish your pages to the web, and some services such as HostNotion, or Super allow you to map a custom domain to it.

There are a few major components that I think could add some additional power, allowing creators to also make some money off their ideas.

I wanted to introduce you too Ocean for Notion, a suite of tools that help you extend your Notion workspace allowing you host things like:

  • Landing Pages
  • Courses
  • Help Centers
  • Blogs

🌎 Domain Hosting

Ocean allows you to point your custom domain name to your Notion site. Giving you a suite of tools allowing you setup SEO, Tracking, and pretty URLs for every page you have.

If you don’t have a domain name, you can also use a ocean.so subdomain.

💰 Paywalled Content

If you have content you want to gate behind a paywall, such as articles, courses Ocean allows you to setup either a 1 time fee to access, or a reoccurring subscription model.

🎨 Templates & Themes

The basic Ocean pages only offer a limited set of theme tools, with Ocean you can setup custom templates and themes.

Out of the box Ocean has templates & themes for, Resumes, Portfolios, Landing Pages, Courses. If you want more power Ocean has a WYSIWYG editor to manage many of the basic colors and styles.



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