Product Idea Challenge — 2020

Karson Enns
2 min readNov 2, 2020


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Today is my 28th Birthday 🎂

Product design has always been a hobby of mine, something that allows me to express myself creatively, I think the passion comes from being able to create something from nothing, and over the years I’ve pushed myself to learn the end to end process of building great products. Planning, designing, coding, marketing, etc…

It started with me as a kid learning Microsoft Frontpage and creating fan websites for my favorite game Habbo Hotel, and now building products has evolved into my career. I’ve won awards and helped build some great products, but I continue to grow my own list of ideas, and as I get older, it’s getting harder and harder to just sit down and build something for fun, it’s often a struggle to choose something, and I get stuck in analysis paralysis.

Today on my 28th birthday, I’m challenging myself to publish 28 concepts in 28 days.

Here’s a rough template that will probably evolve over the next few weeks:


What’s the idea, who is it for, and what problem is it solving? For a few of these ideas, there are some clever and creative stories I can share.


This could be full high fidelity mockups or something I scratch down on a notepad, I just want to challenge myself to output some sort of design. The aim is by the end of the 28 days, I’ll have a library of assets I can pull from.

Core Features

If I want to get this all done without burning out, I’ll have to manage my time well. I’m planning on dedicating ~2 hours per day to each idea. So I’ll be including any larger features I couldn't mockup in a description of features.

Known Competitors

Often I find this to be lacking from a lot of pitches I see, most good ideas have some level of competitor, I think it’s important to find them out early and not let that discourage you.

This is going to be a challenge for me, it’s a lot of work with a limited amount of time. Join me for the ride, and throw any feedback my way.



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