Pump Up Your Meetings with MeetDJ

Karson Enns
Nov 26, 2020

I’ve been on a lot of virtual meetings this year, and often times they are working sessions with a few of us on a call working through projects.

It’s quiet…

I miss playing music while in a room with my teammates.

Introducing MeetDJ, a way to add music into your remote meetings. It’s simple, just set up an account, and paste in your meeting link.

MeetDJ will join your room and start playing your music at a good volume.


When a MeetDJ session is going you can play music from Youtube or from your existing Spotify accounts.

🎭 Queue’s

Not everyone's music tastes are the same, you and your team can add songs to the queue as music is playing. Giving everyone the control they need.



Karson Enns

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