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Karson Enns
4 min readNov 13, 2020

This is a part of a challenge I’m doing, 28 concepts in 28 days. If you want to read about it head over to the Introduction.

Formula 1 fans are exposed to a lot of great content through multiple distribution networks. With the sheer amount of content available, this often means battling with many sources to capture fan interest. On top of any F1 websites, a fan may go to Youtube for clips, Instagram for team updates, or Reddit for the community. Remembering different logins, tools, and websites, is a pain, and it’s impossible for fans to know if they’re missing out on great content.

The solution to this is the MyF1 App, a single hub consolidating all F1 related content. MyF1 will source content from the community and teams into a carefully curated view, customized to each individual for a personalized experience.

*Excuse the old iPhones, this was created a few years ago.

Just like a race, no two fans are the same. The MyF1 experience needs to entice the casual fan just as actively as a super fan.

A comprehensive, yet user-friendly, onboarding experience will capture initial data. From there, to determine what an individual fan wants to see, engagement data is analyzed and adapts over time. MyF1 will tailor the experience to an individual user by allowing them to customize their dashboard based on their own interests. Then, using background actions, the MyF1 algorithm will streamline content from the F1 ecosystem, right into specific app widgets.

Users can reshuffle the interface, allowing a plethora of combinations. This level of personalization will reduce barriers to entry into the sport and keep super fans engaged in new material — It’s never been easier to be an F1 fan.

F1 is an international sport, so consider global coverage. A fan from North America needs to get up as early as 3 am to watch a race, if not, they wake up only to be exposed to the outcome via external sources. Spoilers can take the excitement and joy out of watching your favorite driver battle for the finish. The data collected MyF1 can be used to improve a fan’s life. Since the app recognizes your region, you can turn on the “Safety Car”, blocking spoiler posts from the MyF1 app.

To capture lasting fan engagement, their experience needs to be immediate but more importantly, personal, unique with the least amount of friction. Proactively solving user problems and fulfilling their needs is the best way to maintain a happy and engaged fan base.

Key Features

💡 Smart Customizations

The first benefit of the MyF1 app is to consolidate the existing external apps into a single hub for F1 content. Esports, Statistics, Fantasy League, F1TV and will be available in both full and “at-a-glance” views. Fans can also customize their entire view with a set of drag and drop widgets. The widgets are then populated with information relevant to their interests. For example, Social content aggregated into “team stories”, linked with your favorite teams or drivers.

🎳 Team Pages

MyF1 will also adapt to platform-based architecture. Team pages, community discussion boards, clips generated from top events, and race analytics can be viewed right in the app. Video feeds are enhanced, for maximum interaction. You can even cast to your smart devices directly from your MyF1 app.

📊 Data Analytics

Data is collected to send fans relevant content and allows F1 to monitor and adapt to the ever-changing trends to better serve underrepresented markets.

With all the information collected from fans of the app. Formula One Management can make better decisions on how to engage with its fans. Collecting basic information such as region, age, gender to very specific information such as favorite driver, team, and interests.



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