Because We All Need More Stories — Slack Stories

Karson Enns
Nov 18, 2020

This is a part of a challenge I’m doing, 28 concepts in 28 days. If you want to read about it head over to the Introduction.

All apps seem to be getting stories nowadays, it’s gone from something innovative to an expectation.

With Twitter adding Fleets, I thought now would be a good time to introduce Slack stories. Heck, some dude made stories for VSCode and ended up selling it for $9,000.

Stories are here to stay, so what would it look like in the rest of our apps?

Introducing Slack Stories, a way to share what you and your teams are working on. At face value, it’s just a gimmick. But I think there is a lot of value in moving this medium to slack.

If your team releases a new feature you can create a story. A big marketing push? Story. There are a ton of reasons someone may want to post. Especially with remote companies keeping everyone informed in the simplest way is key.

📺 Channel Stories

You can post your stories to a channel, let’s say it’s a Monday and you want to post about the weekend activities or show off a new feature you can!

👩‍💻 Individual Stories

If you’d like, you can post an individual story, which will show as a clickable highlight on the sidebar.

🎳 Team Stories

If you are apart of a user group in slack, when you’re publishing a story you’ll have the option to post to the user group.

This allows your team to announce big wins, recent projects, or keep the team up to date on recent happenings!



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