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Karson Enns
2 min readNov 17, 2020

This is a part of a challenge I’m doing, 28 concepts in 28 days. If you want to read about it head over to the Introduction.

If you haven't figured it out yet after my multiple ideas about F1, I am obsessed. I watch every race and practice session I can, oftentimes waking up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday.

A year in Formula 1 takes the teams to over 20 countries, with many different time zones, making it hard to catch F1 at the same time. A race in Austria may take place at 9:10 am, but the recent Turkish GP took place at 5:10 am. It’s not just the races you need to keep up with.

In the Turkish GP you had:

  • Free Practice 1 @ 8 AM (UTC)
  • Free Practice 2 @ 12 AM (UTC)
  • Free Practice 3 @ 9 AM (UTC)
  • Qualifying @ 12 PM (UTC)
  • Race @ 10 AM (UTC)

There are a lot of times to remember!

Wanted to introduce you today to F1 calendar, a web app that makes it easy to remember the time of the races.

🏎 Feeder Series

There is a substantial amount of good racing beyond F1to catch. F1 Calendar also supports F2 & F3. So you can stay up to date on how the feeder series are doing.

💬 SMS & Email Intergration

If you’d like you can subscribe to updates with SMS or email. Race times change last minute regularly due to weather. F1 Calendar will send a reminder if a session gets moved due to rain or unforeseen circumstances.

With the Email integration, we have the option to send a weekly list of races coming up in popular series.

📅 Calendar Integration

No calendar could be complete if it didn't integrate with your existing schedulers. F1 Calendar integrations with Google Calendar and Apple Calendar.


F1 App Itself
Fantastic App that keeps you up to date on the latest race times, and news. My main issue with it is that if you have push notifications on it has the tendency to spoil big moments if you don’t catch the race live.

An app offering a basic schedule and set of integration. It does only support F1 though.



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