Peloton Relays

Karson Enns
2 min readNov 10, 2020

This is a part of a challenge I’m doing, 28 concepts in 28 days. If you want to read about it head over to the Introduction.

I’m a fan of spin class. What makes it an excellent experience for me, is both the metric-based workout and the fact that everyone around you giving their all. Unfortunately, gyms and spin studios are closed here in Toronto, and with winter approaching, cycling outdoors is less of an option.

After some consideration and some budgeting… I caved and bought a Peloton. The interface is game-changing. It’s clean, efficient and allows me to measure everything: my speed, heart rate, power output, and even has leaderboards allowing me to compete against others.

There’s something missing compared to an in-person spin class. Even with all Peloton’s fancy sensors and monitors, I can't help but feel disconnected from the other riders around me. The leaderboards have become chaos with tens of thousands of people competing for that top spot. Even after configuring the leaderboards, I can’t help but feel there is more of an opportunity to connect with other riders. Especially since connecting with people nowadays is few and far between.

For today's concept, I’m introducing Peloton Relays. Once you start a relay class you will be paired up with a group of friends or complete strangers. After the instructor guides you through a regular warmup, you will be challenged to a team-based relay. On-screen notifications and alerts ensure you and your fellow teammates are right in the action.

A relay will consist of multiple sets for each segment, combining both short sprints, long climbs, and recovery. You will be shown real-time metrics like your current power output for that sprint, and your teammate's output. Allowing you to both compete or high five your teammate by clicking their avatar.

At the end of the relay class, your team will be shown your leaderboard score with the total amount of power you outputted and your team's output.

Peloton has been testing a new feature called sessions where you can join up with a few other folks to take classes together. I think that having an addition of relays could be a fun and exciting addition to these types of features in the future!



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