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Karson Enns
2 min readNov 3, 2020

This is the first concept I’m doing for my 28-day concept change. To learn more, read my Introduction.

I live with my fiance, she loves plants and is always bringing home another one to add to the collection. At first, I’d be a bit irritated. “Another plant!?” but after some time, I’ve grown fond of these guys. Started to name a few of them, and even taking care of them. But it’s sometimes hard to remember which type of plant they are, how much water they need, or things to look for if somethings going wrong.

I ended up killing a cactus… A CACTUS! 🌵

There are a few apps on the market that help solve this problem, and I thought I’d add my own flavor to it.

Introducing Terra, keep your plants alive. An iPhone app that lets you track your plants, get real-time notifications for when to water them, and more!

🌿 Manage your Plants

Terra lets you add many different types of plants, either by searching for it or by taking a photo of it. You can give your little plant friend a name, set a care schedule, and learn all you want about them!

🏡 House Sitter Mode

Let’s say you go away for a week and need someone to watch over your personal amazon forest, well Terra lets you add others to your environment, allowing them to not kill your little friends.

💰 Buy, Sell, Trade

I hear that the plant game is a pretty lucrative business, you can buy a plant for like $5, and sell them for a fat profit if you let the little sucker grow. Terra lets you put a plant up for adoption in your community.

If Facebook had a marketplace API, I would just pull in listings via Facebook, the world doesn’t need another marketplace…


Vera: Plant Care Made Simple
This is a really nice app and does a lot of things Terra will do, but seems to be stopping support for folks outside the U.S.

Planta: Keep your plants alive
Solid app, major complaints is that it’s a subscription service, but seems to be very feature-rich.

Flourish — Plant Care Companion
Again, aesthetically pleasing, and actually has a light scanning feature to ensure your plants are getting enough light. Although from the reviews there seems to be a fair amount of bugs.


  • Mock-up wording: https://www.ftd.com/blog/design/types-of-cactus
  • Icons: Nounproject.com



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